Llullu Llama Community Fund


In August 2017, the Llullu Llama Community Fund was set up to raise funds for local initiatives that just have one vision in common – to improve human life! 100% of the Community Fund goes to supporting social, economic, educational, or environmental initiatives within the community of Isinlivi.

With your stay, you are automatically contributing to the Community Fund, because we transfer 5% of our net profits of your stay to the fund. We currently run 3 projects: the Mama Quilla women’s group, the School Library and the local artisans group “Grupo pensando en los demás”.

Which project do you want to support?

Since Llullu Llama is just a small hospitality establishment, our Community Fund is not endless, and therefore we choose to focus on 3 projects at a time.

Mama Quilla Women’s Group

Mama Quilla is the name of a small soap & candle workshop in Isinlivi run by a small group of women. They work in shifts so that the work is easily combined with farm work and family. Besides generating an additional income, Mama Quilla is also a place where women get together to socialize and talk about life.

The Community Fund has helped with the initial capital for the shop, skills training courses, supplies, business skills assistance, and for the first 6 months the rent was paid out of the Llullu Llama fund.

Right now the women pay their own rent and are completely self-sufficient. We want to keep on supporting this group by providing additional courses.

School Library

This project aims to start a small library inside the school together with the teachers & children. We want to create a space where students can read books, or listen to stories in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. The teachers can also use books in their classrooms and use the area to help with homework after school.

The school principal has already given permission to create the library and provided a room we can use. We are hopeful that the Community Fund will be able to provide books, furniture and decorations, administration assistance.

Artisan Group “Pensando en los Demás”

The group “Pensando en los demás” (meaning “Thinking of others”), is a small group of artisans who gather together every week to make wooden keyrings. Profits are used to repair roofs and houses of literally the poorest of the poor. Often, it is for the elderly who cannot do any repairing themselves.

The group “Pensando en los demás” was formed based on Christian beliefs of sharing and giving, they are a great example to everyone in the Community! The Community Fund supports with materials for house repairing.

What you can do?

With your stay at Llullu Llama you are automatically contributing to the Community Fund because 5% of our net profits go straight to the fund. If you donate an extra amount over $10 to the Community Fund, Llullu Llama contributes with an extra 10% based on the amount of your donation.

Other ways you can help:

  • Buy a gift at the Mama Quilla shop
  • Buy a wooden keyring
  • Take a horse-riding or biking trip
  • Donate books and school supplies
  • Donate used clothes
  • Donate food for the elderly

If you want to make a donation, let us know and we will make sure that it gets to the people most in need! Thank you!