Isinlivi Cheese Factory visit


It’s just a 45 minute hike up the hills behind the village of Isinlivi to reach the beautiful cheese farm of Señora Magaly Hernandez. Her family has been making fresh cheese for over 45 years, and she is now running her business together with her husband Marco, their four children and nine grandchildren.

Magaly has a large property where she also raises her own cows, but she also collects milk every day from the tiny farms in the surrounding mountains of Isinlivi, since these farmers often don’t have the means to transport their milk to the big cities, the Cheese Factory in Isinlivi is of great economic importance to them!

At a small fee you can visit the factory and watch the cheese making process from close-by. The best time to get there is at 10h30 when the milk is almost pasteurized and ready to be poured into the rectangular cheese molds. After the cheese is pressed and ready, Magaly will show you around her property and welcome you in her kitchen where you can taste the final product with a fresh juice and homemade sugarcane honey. The cheese we use at Llullu Llama Mountain Lodge is of course from Magaly’s cheese factory, it’s truly delicious & fresh!