Malingua Pamba community hike


An amazing track hike through rough mountain landscapes and paramo highlands. The community of Malingua Pamba consist of approximately 110 families, 98% of indigenous origin Quichua speaking. Is one of the few communities that still preserve their ancient traditions and beliefs.

If you are visiting during the week, we recommend a short visit to the local school. Play a soccer game with the students or teach them a few words of English! The hike to Isinlivi passes through the village of Salado, passing by several small lakes and over mountain top, it’s an amazing day hike combined with a great cultural experience!

  • Time 4-5 hours  
  • Distance 10.8 km 6.7 mi
  • Ascent 376 m 1232 ft
  • Descent 702 m 2302 ft
  • Grade medium  
  • – Elevation 2921 m 9582 ft
  • + Elevation 3290 m 10793 ft