Traditional Farm tour


Another great opportunity for those interested in learning about traditional lifestyles around Isinlivi. You’ll pay a visit to Doña Rosita, she lives on the slopes of Ñahuira hill where she has farmed all her life, is a valuable source of information for all who are curious about farming in the Andes. Your tour will likely start with the area around her house where she raises chicken and guinea pigs who enjoy a veggie diet of alfalfa and other plants.

It is possible to buy a guinea pig from Rosita and bring it back to the hostel where Gladys will surprise you with a delicious lunch. Learn about traditional housing and visit Rosita’s fields where most of the crop production takes place. In her younger years Doña Rosita was a traditional healer in the area using medicinal plants and guinea pigs to heal people in Isinlivi.